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We Care About Your Feet!

Insoles.com is run by board certified pedorthists (C-Peds) who are well educated in biomechanics, types of gait, and medical conditions relating to the feet. We do not diagnose. Our purpose is to provide information, education, and quality products that are effective. We are not here to just sell you a product, we want you to have the right product for your foot type, gait, or pathology management. We want you to feel better.

Our Commitment

We have partnered with some of the best insole and orthotic companies in the United States. Many of the products we carry have been designed by podiatrists, physical therapists, pedorthists, and other medical professionals. Some of our partners include Superfeet Worldwide, Powerstep, Birkenstock, Form, Cadence, Currex, Vionic, and New Balance. Together we are endeavoring to support you and your feet!

Support Makes a Difference

We know that when your feet hurt it affects your whole life. From the moment you get out of bed in the morning your feet support you throughout your whole day. When you have foot pain it can make every task you do more difficult. Hundreds of thousands of people have greatly benefited from the use of quality over the counter orthotics. The medical professionals at insoles.com are working together to bring you quality insoles at an affordable price. A little extra support goes a long way!

Meet Our Mascot

Meet Baxter, our 98 pound Old English Sheepdog who likes us to think he runs the place. He would love it if we would make insole-shaped chew toys. Anyway, he keeps us company during long hours and insole research. And he is great at his job, because he always makes us smile.

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