Kid's Blue Footbed

The Kid’s Birkenstock Blue Footbed gives the classic Birkenstock comfort to children. The arch support is designed to cradle your child's foot in the natural shape of the arch.
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It is important for kids to experience good support from a young age, either before foot problems begin or correcting them at first onset. Proper support can make a huge difference in their future by helping them to avoid many foot and gait related problems. Most foot pain that kids experience can be greatly improved by using Birkenstock kid’s orthotics. It is the same classic support, just for a smaller foot.

The blue footbed for kid’s is designed to cradle the foot in the natural shape of the arch. The deep heel cup allows the fat pad of the heel to funnel beneath the heel bone, providing relief from heel pain. The metatarsal pad is perfectly placed to relieve forefoot pressure or pain. The ¾ length of the arch support allows it to be worn with most casual and athletic shoes. Every new generation should experience the difference Birkenstock can make.

• Foot Types: High Arch, Medium Arch, Flexible Foot

• Fits the best in casual style shoes, athletic shoes, or boots

• Metatarsal pad

• ¾ insert, can usually be worn above or below the current manufacturer insert in the shoe

• Designed based on cast of a foot in the sand

• Stabilizer on the bottom of the insert

• Orthotic arch design and deep heel cup encourages proper foot alignment and optimal gait

• Raised side flanges aid in controlling foot movement and stability

• Firm enough to support a flexible foot and provide excellent support for those who overpronate

• Flexes enough to allow shock absorption for the high arched foot

• BirkoCork: Cork and EVA construction provided flexibility and absorbs impact shock

• Anti-slip bottom coat increases durability and protects BirkoCork for longevity of footbed life

• Arch support balances foot impact areas for greater shock absorption and reduced foot fatigue

• Soft silky smooth top cover absorbs and wicks away moisture

• Hand Washable

• Made in Germany

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Brand Birkenstock
Condition/Pain Relief Achilles Tendonitis, Arches (Medium), Arches (High), Back Pain, Ball of Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Knee Pain, Metatarsalgia, Neuroma, Over Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints
Width Regular
Insole Length 3/4 Length
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